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Did you know it is illegal to drive with some types of sunglasses

Wearing some types of sunglasses is actually illegal while driving.  If your in the UK You could get a £2500 fine and nine points on your licence.  

Hot weather (rule 237) 

"Keep your vehicle well ventilated to avoid drowsiness. Be aware that the road surface may become soft or if it rains after a dry spell it may become slippery. These conditions could affect your steering and braking. If you are dazzled by bright sunlight, slow down and if necessary, stop."  

The Irish road safety authority (RSA) reminding drivers to be aware of the danger posed by ‘sun glare’, which results in drivers being temporarily dazzled or blinded by the intensity and brightness of a low sun on the horizon.

If you have the following types of sunglasses, then it is illegal to use them while driving.

According to the AA: “Filter category 4 lenses only transmit between 3% and 8% of light and are not suitable for driving at any time.

Sunglasses with these lenses should, be labelled ‘Not suitable for driving and road use’.”

All hairyeyes sunglasses have CAT3 lenses which are safe for driving.  If you do end up in court though for any road traffic offences we do not recommend wearing hairyeyes sunglasses on front of the judge.  That's not a good idea.


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