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Go Polar

Why you should consider going polar

1. Hairyeyes polarised sunglasses help to reduce glare.
Your eyes are no longer challenged by sunlight glare with polarised lenses, there aren’t the same levels of visual fatigue present. The people who benefit the most from this glare reduction are those who work in or around the water, but everyone can benefit from this advantage in some way.

2. Hairyeyes polarised sunglasses reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.
Hairyeyes polarised sunglasses are also UV sunglasses so in a way you have double teh protection. Polarised sunglasses can reduce the amount of exposure. Hairyeyes polarised sunglasses reflect or filter 99-100% of UVA and UVB light for best results. Hairyeyes polarised sunglasses are UV400 compliant sunglasses.

3. Hairyeyes polarised sunglasses allow for sight clarity.
Without glare, our CAT3 polarised lenses can enhance vision clarity once they are worn. There is an improved contrast level that makes it possible to have more definition with objects seen or to peer through reflective surfaces to see what might be lying underneath. Colour visibility is improved through our polarised lenses as well, providing more of an authentic view than the darkened view that other lenses tend to provide.

4. Hairyeyes polarised sunglasses can be used in bright conditions.
Our polarised lenses permanently reduce glare, so they can be used in even the brightest of conditions. That allows for better user comfort, which makes it possible to stay productive in a wide range of environmental conditions.

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