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Hairyeyes Top 10 predictions for 2018

  1. EU will apply to Britain to become a member of the UK.  Hairyeyes will bring out a non-polarised union jack style for this momentous occasion.   Everyone in the EU except Ireland will get blue passports. 
  2. England will shortly afterwards hold a referendum on leaving the UK. The phrase EXIT will be coined and everyone will be very confused.  Theresa May will be replaced by Boris Johnston as leader of the conservative party.
  3. Denmark will win the soccer world cup finals in Russia. Hairyeyes have will supply free Hairyeyes sunglasses in red and white to all the Danish team on arrival back with the cup. 
  4. President Emmanuel Macron of France is bringing in a ban on smartphones in all French primary schools in 2018. We predict that Hairyeyes smart mirrored sunglasses will be banned in secondary schools under the same presidential order in 2019 to avoid students being distracted from their work. 
  5. Nostradamus has predicted that Mount Vesuvias in Naples Italy will in 2018. Hairyeyes sunglasses predict there will be no eruption in Italy but there will be a small eruption in Ben Nevis in Scotland.  The first in 200000 years.  We advise all scots to invest in some light weight durable polarised sunglasses to avoid the glare from the molten lava. 
  6. The first person to travel back in time will appear on the popular Dutch talk show Spuiten en slikken. They will be a 24 year old Dutch professional surfer who will be living in the year 2225 in Belmullet.  The post millennial surfer will be wearing smart glasses that allow them to communicate back to the future.  The glasses will be manufactured in Ireland by Hairyeyes ltd and the technology behind the glasses will also allow them to see through any hairy stories like this one.  The surfer will confirm the following 4 predictions live on Dutch TV everyone will think they are mad as hatters. 
  7. If you’re an owner of the first edition of Hairyeyes sunglasses then you are in for a big surprise, your glasses will be worth up to 22 bitcoins in the 2225 market. 1 bitcoin will the the same value as 23000 pints of Augustiner-Bräu. 
  8. The Munich Oktoberfest will accept bitcoin as well as the Euro, from 2018 onwards up until 2224.
  9. Wales will win the six nations. Sales of red mirrored sunglasses with white frames will go through the roof in Cardiff and Copenhagen. 
  10. Mayo will end the curse and win the all Ireland final in September, the final was due to be played on the last Sunday in August but due to the papal visit of Pope Francis it will be pushed back because Pope Francis will use his appearance at Croke park to exorcize the curse. Pope Francis will wear a papal edition of Hairyeyes called l'infallibile.  The pope will also give a papal medal to Ciaran McDonald for services to Mayo and Ireland during the drought.   

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  • Ciaran Mc Donald

    I didn’t get a medal.

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