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Heavy Metal

Ergonomic researchers in a hairyeyes research laboratory near Belmullet have confirmed that people who wear heavy weight sunglasses can strain their necks.  Constant heavy metal sunglasses can cause neck pain.  They also established that heavy sunglasses can cause your ears to protrude like a rabbit whose just seen a fox. 

The esteemed researchers gave an unknown number of lab rats, gold sunglasses to wear during the fine weather we had in May.  As we all know, uranium and gold are some of the heaviest elements on earth.  It was felt it would be too dangerous to use uranium sunglasses, so the researchers opted for gold.  The lab rats in this case we're not actually rodent, they were transition year students selected from high schools all over northern hemisphere.  Unfortunately some of the final results of the research had to be extrapolated from a subset of results.  You see, it transpired that some of the students disappeared along with their golden horde of sunglasses.  Interviewed afterwards Vijayan M, vice president of hairyeyes research and innovation said "It may have been a mistake to give the students solid gold sunglasses". 

If you do come across any large eared brass golden necked students in north Mayo area of Ireland complaining of severe neck pain then please contact hairyeyes sunglasses and we would be very interested in talking to them.  

There is a method behind this madness.  Light weight sunglasses, like the right price styles sold by hairyeyes sunglasses are the only way to go.  Feather light durable frames mean that you hardly know your wearing any sun protection.  The seamless hinges mean the frames fit comfortably on your face. 

In fact nine out of ten of the scientists we spoke too said they would recommend hairyeyes sunglasses. 

We sent some samples to a recent heavy metal concert. None of the head bangers managed to dislodge the sunglasses even during the most sustained rhythmic shaking of their heads.  One gentleman managed in fact said he listened to fifteen slayer albums in a constant loop for a solid week and the glasses never fell off once.  People will do anything in the name of research.  Onwards and upwards.  Hairyeyes Sunglasses

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