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Quality Sunglasses, Sweet Prices

As an Irish Online Sunglasses Retail startup, our vision is to provide high quality Sunglasses at affordable “sweet” prices.

You may ask ehhh… so fregging what?? When there are umpteen different brands out there, sunglasses are easily available in numerous retail outlets and can be purchased in different channels, what’s the big deal right? 

BUT Did you know that, based on industry surveys carried out in several different parts of the world, the average cost of a sunglass purchased from one of these brands varies between $100-$145. And at this point you maybe rolling your eyes either wondering, where am I going with this OR isn’t that pricing outrageous.

Well, where I was going with this is to point out that again based on a survey conducted a few years ago by The Vision council, 55% adults lose or break their sunglasses every year and YOU could have been one of them, and sometimes its more than once. If you are one of these people who has experienced such unexpected loss, the realisation, that your once cute, trendy, stylish sunglasses (whichever the case maybe) and priced possession is now in someone else’s hands, or is broken beyond repair, and the sickening feeling that comes along with it indescribable.

Hairy eyes Sunglasses, wayfarer style, polarised lenses, Ultra Durable lightweight polycarbonate frames, available in vibrant colours, designed and priced with you in mind, our affordably priced sunglasses are now available at our Online Sunglasses store and we ship anywhere within the EU.

Invest in a pair of Hairy eyes, we always have a good deal, like our current xmas offer where you get a second pair FREE from a selected range, and imagine what you could do with the savings (that long due weekend away, that extra bit for a special gift, etc) , when compared to investing in a pair of outrageously priced sunglass providing the same utility.

Shop your shades online NOW at and free your mind from the thought of losing your outrageously priced sunglass.

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