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Shock reports of talking Kerry Mountain Goat.

Citizens all across the Kingdom of Kerry are in total disbelief after news stories emerged over the weekend of a talking mountain goat. At the moment it’s not clear if the goat is the same King Puck that spent 3 days standing on the top of a 100 foot stage in the heart of Killorgan during the annual Puck Fair festival earlier this August. Local hill farmer Seamus Shaughnessy the 3rd said it’s highly likely that the goat is in fact the king puck. He did say that the same goat is a total liar and anything the goat did allegedly say was almost certainley fabricated. There has been global evidence and youtube videos of goats imitating human voices but this is the first time this has ever been reported in Ireland. We spoke to a witness Miss Sheila Shaughnessy who said she spoke to this years king puck and she thought she heard him wisper what sounded like HAIRY EYES….HAIRY EYES…. She immediately called father Billy Gabair from the local parish. He arrived up to Killorgan with a bucket of holy water, and a two litre bottle of mountain dew. Father Gabaoir performed an exorcism on the goat but a witness who prefers to remain anonymous said the goat started screaming louder and louder. HAIRY EYES... HAIRY EYES...#Hairyeyes. This is thought to be the first evidence of a talking goat in the west of Ireland, there are several hearyeyesays on two talking donkeys on the Blasket islands who apparently worked on the mainland as tractor mechanics prior to the great recession. More to follow on that hairy story later.....

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