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Top Christmas Present ideas

Its hard to know what to buy some people for Christmas.  A good idea to limit the unnecessary excess and spending is to organise a Secret Santa or a Kris Kringle.  Its also a great time to use this process to send a subliminal message to someone.  If its a sexist coworker get them a pair of rubber gloves.  Someone who could do with a wash get them a soap on a rope.  Someone constantly on their phone get them a toy phone.  Someone with a drink problem get them a 6 pack of alcohol zero hooch.   If its someone you fancy get them something that makes them feel appreciated.   Most people organise secret santa's so there is a set limit and hairyeyes sunglasses are the only sub €50 acetate premium shades you will get on the internet.  If its sub €20 then look at the originals.  We can delivery anywhere in Europe in time for the 25th of December.  If any one orders a lorry load of sunglasses we will ask panty clause to delivery them in person.....

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