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Unlike Ryanair, Hairyeyes will only recogonise the UAT trade union

Members of the SUI [sunglasses union of Ireland] were said to be disappointed but not surprised that they are still not recognised by Hairyeyes.  We spoke to a shop steward with the SUI from their bed in a 5 star hotel in San Tropez were they were recovering from a 3 day “workers” conference.  The steward, who would like to remain anonymous, said they couldn’t see how anyone would be expected to work any more. 

The conflict with the SUI started when the SUI threatened Hairyeyes with industrial action every Friday and Monday on the run up to Christmas when Hairyeyes polarised sunglasses are at their busiest processing customer orders for the Christmas and new year.  There was an added concern after Ryanair announced they would recognised collective bargaining through pilot trade unions.  There may be a shortage of polarised sunglasses and the pilots might be blinded if they didn’t get their Hairyeyes before the strike would be called off. 

VP of human resources Brian O Toole aka Tooler said he could never see a day where Hairyeyes would be unionised.  Mr O’Toole said Hairyeyes logistics staff have some of the best working conditions in the world.  When questioned if his staff would receive a Christmas bonus, he said “ the only Christmas bonus at Hairyeyes is for our customers where they get a free pair of glasses with every purchase this Christmas.  He also said the only union that he would work with was the UAT the union of astronauts of Tyrone.  Well there ya have it……

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