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Vampires campaign for drastic changes to daylight savings time.

Even though the citizens of earth are closer to our nearest star the sun during the winter, the people of the northern hemisphere are tilting away from the suns inferno.  This means shorter days and longer nights.  Excellent news for people who prefer to conduct their business during the hours of darkness.  Horrendous news for proveyers of retro, light weight, durable, polarised, mirrored, sunglasses like Hairyeyes. 

Hairyeyes scientists have learnt of a very unusual campaign by group calling themselves the Dracula party.  The cabal are a political party based in virtual hubs throughout Europe.  The DP are campaigning for the uncontrolled reintroduction of vampires throughout the EU.  The DP are keen to start the reintroduction in a totally random fashion through out the UK before the Brexit takes place.  There is a fear that illegal aliens would be extradited back to Transylvania, and Tourmakeady which you may know already are two well-known hot beds of vampiric activity. 

What you may not know is the DP are lobbying the governments throughout the EU asking for an 8 hour change to daylight savings.  Angela Merkel is considering the introduction of the idea in Bavaria in order to facilitate day a six month Octoberfest.  Sources close to the president of Romania Klaus Iohannis say they might introduce the concept from November to February in Transylvania. 

So what does this all mean.  Traditionally all European countries introduce daylight savings on the last Sunday of October.  The idea is simple, in spring the clocks go forward an hour and in fall they go back an hour.  This means the workers and students start their day an hour later than normal in November to March.  Therefore the labourers stay an hour later in the evenings.  The DP society are suggesting that the governments in all of Europe follow China Standard time for the winter months.  This means On Sunday the 29th of October the clocks would fall back by 8 hours instead of 1 hour.  This is sheer madness it means if you normally start work at 9am you will be starting at 5pm.  People will sleep through the only daylight we have during the winter months.  The Dracula party say most vampires are a social lot and they hate sleeping when everyone is awake.  Shop floor officials of the HUI (Hairyeyes union of Ireland) said members of their trade union would not be cooperating with such a drastic time change.    

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