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What is smart ?

Smart technology

People have smart homes smart cars smart lady friends.  As my uncle always say there is two things in life that will leave a man destitute, fast women and slow horses. 

Myant even make smart underwear.  Skinn underwear products for men and women monitor vital signs like heart rate, breathing rate, and temperature.  My uncle won’t be investing in a pair of them any time soon.  I was trying to explain the concept.  These underpants can help you solve real life problems.  If its too hot they can instruct your smart thermostat to turn down the heat.  If your stressed your underpants might tone down your smart lightening, or interface ask alexa to play you some soothing music.  The uncle wanted to know how smart these smart pants really are, like he wondered if he was to use his smart phone to order a Beef Vindaloo and wash it down with a gallon of scrumpy jack cider, then will his smart pants order him a bale of bog roll from Tesco’s on line.  I said I don’t think they would but the pressure monitors on his underpant would certainly be firing on all cylinders for a few days afterwards.   

Smart is investing in a pair of Hairyeyes sunglasses.

S is for sun safe, keep your eyes safe.  Go polarised for extra clarity and UV400 cover for the harmful rays.  All Hairyeyes sunglasses have CAT3 polarised lenses.  The lenses provide extra protection from visible and UV light.  They block out ~ 80% of light but allow enough light to drive.  See everything better than 4K HD.  See everything in real life. 

M is for money.  Get a decent pair of shades for the same price as a taxi.

A is for always on hand.  People buy the expensive shades and they are afraid to wear them in case they get scratched or they lose them.  No one with an ounce of cop on would wear a $200 pair of shades surfing.  You need a few pairs of affordable sunglasses with the same quality that you can leave hanging about one for the car one for the snow jacket. 

R is for rugged.  Hairyeyes glasses use impact resistant new technology TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose) polarised lenses.  They are hard coated to resist scratching and they block out 100% of all harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometres, and are also lightweight and highly impact resistant.

T is for trust and transparency.  What you see is what you get.  Hairyeyes sunglasses do what we say.  These lenses offer superior visual and polarisation clarity.  The temple arms have a screw less hinge which makes them smoother to unfold and there is nothing to rust if you do decide to take them sailing in a gale. 

Finally, all Hairyeyes sunglasses are wireless.  There are no wires attached, that is unless you want to attach a lanyard. 

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  • Alan Browne

    Any chance Hairyeyes will be bringing out sunglasses with built in Bluetooth.

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