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Why choose hairyeyes

I'll bet you have never heard of Luxottica Group S.p.A they are the world’s largest seller of sunglasses.  There turnover is €9 billion a year.  If you buy one of their quality shades and you loose them you will cry like a sick child for a week.  That is because their sunglasses cost muchos euros.  You can be sure their manufacturing and packaging costs are a fraction of Hairyeyes because of their sheer scale that means they make big profits and they sell their glasses at a huge mark up.  Hairyeyes is a total different model.  We source glasses at competitive prices and we have a small mark-up.  Hairyeyes is a small Irish / Indian start up where we sell the glasses with the smallest mark-up we can afford.  Sometimes we sell them at a loss just to stay competitive for these media driven campaigns like Black Friday, Cyber Monday.  We want to provide fashionable sunglasses that don't break the bank.  Our modus operandi is the shades shouldn’t cost any more than a taxi to the airport.  So if you are jetting off for some sunshine and you lose you hairyeyes on the beech then you’re not going to be worried about tearing into Luxotticas healthy profits.  You made the right decision.  You bought a pair of right priced styles, that keep your eyes safe and if you lose them you’re not broke.  Hopefully some other lucky punter finds them and shares the love.  It’s like what Justin Timberlake says what goes around goes around comes all the way back around.   

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