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About us

We're a motley crew of entrepreneurs with an inherent and overwhelming passion for designing and selling right price styles.  The hairyeyes team is an eclectic mix of all types from nerds to nuts. It takes all kinds to steer this ship. 

The term Hairyeyes is an Irish colloquial expression that you might over hear anywhere along the wild Atlantic coastal fringes of Ireland.  Hairyeyes is when you look at something in a horrified disapproving way. The kind of horrid ice cold stare one might get from the holier than thou brigade, when you show up for mass with a set of bright new colored tattoos.  No one is immune from hairyeyes. Its the shocked expression you can experience your self from some of the extortionate breath taking prices being charged for a small drink at a game or a concert.  I got the horrified hairyeyes when I inquired about a drink in the champagne tent at the Galway races, I told the bartender its a drink I was looking for, and not a pedigree racehorse.  

Having suffered the Hairy Eye ourselves more than once over the years, we assembled a team to design our own collection of high-quality, durable and honestly priced sunglasses. 

Exasperated by the often outrageous cost of mediocre quality polarised shades, we pooled our passion for style and colour to bring you our customers the vibrant unisex range you see on our website today. 

We're inspired by classic designs, but strive to create fresh, contemporary styles without the excessive flair.

Tag #hairyeyessunglasses. Love your eyes and spread the love join us on the evolution to right price Hairy Eyes Sunglasses!